The Best Pellet Smokers for Smoking Meat

Yeah, I used to be a “soaking wood chips overnight” guy too, that is until I discovered wood pellets. They’re fairly inexpensive, efficient and make for very accurate temperature control for smoking meat or anything else for that matter.

best pellet smokers for the money

If you’re in the market for a quality pellet smoker or grill, we’ve got some great options that we reviewed for you below.

Traeger Grills Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

With this Traeger Grills Texas Elite 34 wood pellet grill and smoker you never have to use gas or charcoal again. Wood cooking is delicious and since Traeger created the original wood-pellet grill to be able to achieve the wood-fired taste, they know what they are doing. You can now BBQ hot and fast or you can choose to go low and slow. This grill offers 6-in-1 versatility to grill, bake, roast, smoke, braise or BBQ food to yummy perfection.

The integrated digital elite controller keep temperature within +/- 20 degrees F and makes it easy to set the grill temperature. It is easy and predictable and you can trust the consistency which will allow you to craft a delicious wood-fired creation. This is a great size for an at-home cook. You can cook up to 24 burgers, 6 chickens and 9 racks of ribs on this bad boy. Another good point is that the price is very good for a pellet smoker of this caliber.

This is the Mac Daddy of pellet smokers folks.

Camp Chef PG24 Deluxe Pellet Grill and Smoker

This Camp Chef PG24 Deluxe Pellet grill and smoker BBQ allows you to have the most advanced digital control. You can easily maintain the heat and produce the right amount of smoke because of the smart digital temperature control as well as the automatic auger feed pellets. You do not have to sit around and wait for the grill to do its thing. You can set it and forget it.

Don’t want to cook the same way over and over? Don’t worry because with this grill, you will be able to smoke, grill, bake, braise, roast, bbq or any other cooking style you might be able to think of or some up with. You only need one grill to do it all. Just use a meat probe to check the internal temperature and you can toggle the temperature with the easy to use push button. You don’t have to go through a lot of complicated assembly. Simply put it together and get grilling.

It’s not the most well put-together pellet smoker out there but it’s pretty good for the money. We’d advise taking a look at some of the other pellet smokers on this list first.

Pit Boss Grills 440 Deluxe Wood Pellet Grill

The Pit Boss Grills 440 Deluxe Wood Pellet Grill has deluxe features including two-tone black and copper finish, a combination of side shelf and serving tray, solid bottom shelf and a bottle opener. With these great features, it is a perfect recipe for a party. You can get all of your fixing together and get started on your dinner without a big fuss.

The dial-in digital control with LED read-out makes it easy for you to get the results that you want. You will also enjoy the 100% all-natural hardwood pellets. There is an automatic start and cool down feature as well on this heavy-duty 16-gauage steel construction. Grilling is easy, just turn the knob and get to work. You can do all kinds of great things with your new toy such as baking cookies, smoking jerky or just doing the “normal” grilling activities.

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill – WIFI Enabled

Now we know this isn’t really meant for smoking but if you love pellet smoking, then you’re going to love pellet grilling! Especially when you see the rock bottom price on this thing.

The Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill has open flame technology and is 110V or 12V with adaptors for 3 power options. If you want a great grill that will allow you to enjoy portability this is a great grill for you. It has folded legs which double as handles. This is a great grill for tailgating. You will also get Sense-Mate with your grill. Sense-Mate is a thermal sensor that keep an eye on the grill’s temperature.

The digital WiFi controller is a neat feature that allows you to control and monitor it through iOS or Android mobile application. The convenience tray and other great features make it a much sought after grill and will have your friends and family enjoying everything that you cook up on it. It only weighs 67 pounds and you can even fit it in the trunk of your car.

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