The Best Electric Smokers

You might be used to the more traditional charcoal or gas smokers for making delicious BBQ. What you may not have known is that electric smokers are some of the most efficient, easy to use and affordable smokers out on the market.

the best electric smoker for bbq

Masterbuilt 20075315 40 Inch Electric Smoker

The Masterbuilt 20075315 is a beautiful smoker in stainless steel. With its 975 sq. inch cooking space, you have plenty of room for all of your delicious food that you are cooking. You can smoothly load the smoker with its wood chip loading system. You also have a front access drip pan available for your convenience. If you have been dreading clean up, you don’t have to worry since the drip catching system allows you to have a much easier clean up.

This is a beautiful smoker to look at when you see its 4 cooking racks and the internal light. The heating element is 1,200 watts. This is definitely going to be for someone that plans on having a big guest party or someone that likes to keep lots of leftovers.

Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker

This 1,400 watt heating element has two chrome coated smoking racks for your cooking delight. You do not have to worry about anything complicated with this model. You simply have high, medium and low settings available for you. The temperature gauge is easy to read on the door and it has a wood chip tray and water pan for your convenience.

Need to move this smoker around? That’s easy since the smoker legs are easy to fold during transportation and storage. If you want to take a smoker camping, this would be a great option for you. Many people that go to the big games also enjoy taking it tailgating since it is only 21.6 pounds. You can fold it up, pack it in the back of the truck and be ready to fix up a great meal.

Smoke Hollow 30162EW 30-Inch Electric Smoker with Window

Want to watch your beautiful creation as it cooks? This beautiful new door/window combo design with latch is just the thing. It 1,500 watt heating element has a temperature control that is easy to adjust and you can also remove it if you would like. This smoker has plenty of options so you can customize your cooking experience.

The double-walled construction cabinet does its best to ensure that the proper smoking temperatures are maintained. The high temp painted wood chip box has a lid and there is also a porcelain coated water pan. Need cooking grids? It includes three. Many people have used this smoker to make beef jerky which is a tasty snack that is quite convenient for camping and other outings. Enjoy an easy clean by cleaning after each use but some people actually wait to clean it each week.

Electric Smokers with Windows: What You Should Know

The concept of having an electric smoker with a window is great, however, the reality is that the window will inevitably get dirty and fog up. You can keep a functional and clean window by mixing up some baking soda with water and wiping down that window after each use. Even by doing that, you’ll still most likely have problems with the window getting dark over time. The bottom line is to not base your purchasing decision on an electric smoker entirely on the window itself. We still recommend opening the door from time to time to check on your meat and check the temperature with a good wireless grilling thermometer.

Which Electric Smoker Should You Buy?

The electric smoker that you should buy depends on how much meat you’ll be smoking at once and also how big your budget is. There’s no doubt that there are some well-known brands in the smoking world that do a great job (Masterbuilt comes to mind). You should base your decision on buying from a good brand (any one of the brands we listed above) and also the size of your smoker. Typically, a 40″ smoker will feed a lot of people. Most smokers at that size will fit several racks of ribs, a couple pork butts and a brisket no problem.

Overall, buying an electric smoker is a great idea but maybe not for everyone, especially traditionalist BBQ guys and gals that love gas or charcoal.

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