The Best BBQ Thermometers

Having a good thermometer isn’t just a good thing for serious BBQ guys and gals, but a good thermometer is essential for good barbecue, especially meats like ribs, pork and brisket.

best bbq thermometer

In this post, we take a look at some of the best bbq thermometers out there that you should consider buying for your bbq setup.

ThermoPro TP07 Wireless Remote Digital BBQ Thermometer

The ThermoPro TP07 has a lifetime sensor probe warranty which makes it attractive to many thrifty users that don’t feel like putting money out of their pockets over and over again. While the sensor is sturdy, if there is improper use of it, it could be damaged. Even if it is the consumers fault, the company will replace and give a brand-new sensor probe without any charge. To go along with that, there is also hassle-free setup since the receiver and the transmitter are pre-synchronized when they are at the facility to be manufactured. All you need to do is insert that batteries (which are included) and you are in business.

You can check heat to your heart’s content with the meat thermometer probe temperature of 32F to 572F with a 1.5 degree F accuracy.

Alpha Grillers Instant Read Thermometer with Backlight For Meat & Cooking

Tired of fancy gadgets that you can’t make work? Don’t worry about this Alpha Grillers masterpiece! This instant read thermometer works right out of the box. Just press the power button and you will be able to get a temperature reading. Even if you have some challenges seeing, you will be able to easily see the reading since it has a large black dial for your convenience. Cooking meat no longer has to be a guessing game because you’ll be able to know when you’re done.

The thermometer also comes with a storage box which can also be great if you want to give this as a gift. With this lifetime money back guarantee this could be a great fit for the cook in your life.

DozyAnt BBQ Thermometer

This DozyAnt is a less expensive thermometer so if you’re on a budget this is a great option for you. While it still gives great results you aren’t going to have some of the bells and whistles that you might see on other more expensive models. You have a 3” stem and a 1/2” NPT. The case is made from stainless steel to maximize durability. You can get a reading from 100 to 500 degrees and customer reviews agree that they are very accurate.

If you have a hard time reading thermometers usually, you won’t have to worry about it on this model, the face is large and it also has a no-fog glass lens. Easily install it on your grill or anywhere else that you would like to store it.

We all know that the built-in thermometer that came with your grill or smoker isn’t exactly the most accurate instrument in the world and this product by DozyAnt makes a great replacement that is super accurate.

SMARTRO Digital Food Cooking Thermometer with Instant Read Blue Backlit LCD

If you want quick and accurate then this is a great choice for you. The smartpro with instant read blue backlit LCD responds in 2-4 seconds and the temperature measurement is given within 4-7 seconds. The clean design only gives you 1 touch button. This is another great choice if you need a bigger and easy to read display in case of failing eyes.

The last thing that you want when you are dealing with a meat thermometer is for it to break. With the premium probe, it is long, thin and made of food-grade 304 stainless steel. This high-temp resistant stainless steel can be put into coffee, candy, meat, milk, tea or anything similar that you would like to put it into. Cook with confidence knowing that your meals are at the proper temperature and ready to go. It is also at a nice price point so you don’t have to break the bank.

Maverick ET733 Long Range BBQ Thermometer

If you’re looking for one of the most trusted brands in BBQ thermometers, it’s Maverick. Tried and tested by some of the most well-known competition BBQ folks in America.

We like the Maverick for it’s super long-range signal and accurate temperature readings. That’s 300ft to be exact.

Another nice feature of the Maverick ET733 is that it has a large screen that shows your target temperature and current temperature. It can also easily fit in your pocket or clip on to your belt as you wait for your barbecue to finish cooking.

For the money, it’s one of the most expensive wireless bbq thermometers available but it honestly is the most dependable and accurate bbq thermometer we’ve ever tested. For under $80 or so, it’s an absolute steal given the stellar reviews on Amazon.

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